Friday, December 3, 2010

Advent Calendars

Advent is now underway.

What is advent? It is a Latin word meaning "the coming." One of the ways Christians prepare for the celebration of Jesus' birth is through the use of an advent calendar.

Each December when I was a young child, I looked forward to opening a window a day on my advent calendar, and discovering a small treasure inside.

This week, while perusing a handful of blogs, I found these make-your-own creative advent calendars:

Advent Boxes by Ali Edwards

Advent Calendars

Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar by Heather Johnson

This photography garland would be fun to make, too.

While I don't plan to create any of these handmade beauties this year, I wanted to post them here on my blog in the hope that they will inspire you, and so that if I decide to create my own Advent calendar in the future, I will be able to easily access these wonderful examples.


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harris said...

nice blog... and image

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