Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome, December.

The house is decorated.

Our Noble Fir tree--from none other than Costco--is covered with colored lights (thanks to my hubby).

And tomorrow, we'll hang our Christmas ornaments from the tree's branches.

By the way, I know you must be wondering about the photo above. It is a picture of our Christmas tree; I purposely whipped my hand around as I snapped it. I wasn't fond of any of the traditional tree shots I took, so this artistic one will suffice for now.

And one more thing to celebrate today: December Daily has begun.

Soon, I'll share a page or two from my book.


1 comment:

evanescencebabe said...

i have a question
what settings should i put my camera if i am taking pictures of someone at a club dj ing
i have a canon rebel t1I

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