Thursday, December 30, 2010

December Daily Album, Days 16-20

Today, I'd love to share Days 16-20 of my December Daily album.

Day 16 Journaling: For the past six years, Brian and I have had the honor of adopting a family for Christmas through the Catholic Charities of Sacramento Adopt-a-Family program. This year, we purchased toys, clothes, a blender, and a grocery store gift card for a family of four, which includes a 5-year-old and a 4-year-old. Feels good to give to others!

Day 17 Journaling: What a full day! I wore my Tina Turner wig to school today (it's Crazy Hair Day), and my students loved it. As I was teaching, I'd call on a student and they'd just start giggling. It's hard to take Mrs. Harless seriously when she looks like an 80's rocker...I get it. The students' three week winter break begins at 12:36 p.m. today; needless to say, they are excited! The students spoiled me with very thoughtful cards and gifts. After school, I picked Katie up from the airport and then headed to mom and dad's house for a nap and dinner. Singing with the Joyful Noize choir again was such a treat!

Day 18 Journaling: Dad's Family Christmas at Joe & Jill's House, Oakley, CA

Day 19: On the left is a picture of the Joyful Noize Choir. On the right page, I adhered the set list for the Christmas concert. My journaling consisted of a few thoughts about the songs.

Day 20 Journaling: McKayla opened one gift from us tonight, and it was the game, HedBanz, which she had been hoping for. Nichole, Brian, Mom, McKayla and I all wore headbands and when it was your turn, you had to ask questions (yes or no) to try and determine who/what you were. Too fun!

I'll be back with the last set of pages tomorrow.


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