Friday, December 31, 2010

December Daily Album, Days 21-25

It's the remaining day of 2010.

And the last Notre Dame football game of the year. (Go Irish!)

And the final day I'll be sharing pages from my December Daily album.

For these two pages, I interviewed my niece McKayla and took some close-up shots (which I converted to black + white in PSE) while she was up visiting us for a few days.

Day 21 Journaling: McKayla, age 8 1/2, 3rd grader
Favorite television show: SpongeBob
Favorite food: Macaroni and cheese
Favorite movie: Home Alone
Favorite place to shop: Justice
Favorite future professions: Teacher, vet or nurse (not a doctor because she doesn't want to do surgery; blood scares her!)
Favorite singer: Taylor Swift
Favorite subject in school: Art
Least favorite subject in school: Math (she says it's getting too hard!)

Outside of school, McKayla loves gymnastics, church on Wednesday nights, and watching television. She enjoys her Dell laptop, cell phone, and Nintendo DS. Technology helps us stay in touch with McKayla since she lives down south. My, oh my, she's growing up so fast!

Day 22 Journaling: We saw the movie, Tangled, today in 3-D. McKayla loved the movie; I thought it was a cute flick. I completely forgot to wear my contact lenses, though, so I wore two pairs of glasses during the movie. Seeing movies on the big screen is fun, especially with family.

Day 23 Journaling: While I baked pumpkin bread in the kitchen, Brian constructed wood toys in the garage.

Day 24 Journaling: Celebrating Christmas and Grandpa's 77th birthday with the Harless Family

Day 25 Journaling: Merry Christmas! Here we are enjoying our big gifts: my Wii Fit Plus, Brian's new 3-D television, and rawhides for Lucy and Rudy.

As I was finishing this December Daily album, I took a few moments to reflect on this project: what I liked about it, what I disliked, and what I might do differently next year.

For starters, I loved that this project pushed me to pick up my camera and put pen to paper. This undertaking also gave me a wonderful gift: the opportunity to document the activities and projects occurring at school--something I rarely do.

As I was typing my journaling into these blog posts, I found myself wishing I could go back and move a sentence here or delete a word there. But I'm trying to embrace the imperfectness of my writing and throw revising to the wind.

Next year, I hope to create another December Daily album, but I think I'll document just the 10 days leading up to Christmas. In addition, I found that filling up the templates with vertical shots proved difficult. I take far more horizontal shots than vertical ones, so next year, I may opt for horizontal pages.

Many thanks to you, my blog readers, for allowing me to share this album with you!

Happy (almost) New Year!


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