Monday, March 21, 2011

McKayla's Visit--February 2011

My niece, McKayla, lives in Southern California with her dad. Every month or so, she flies up to visit her mom (my sister), my parents, and Brian and me. I always look forward to spending time with her.

Late last month, McKayla spent the weekend up in Northern California with our family. As we all hung out with McKayla at my parent's house, I paid close attention to what she said, the games she played, the clothing she was wearing, etc.--mindful that such information would prove to be valuable when creating a layout. I also snapped some photos (of course!) and quickly jotted down a few notes.

After rereading my notes, I hand wrote some of McKayla's current interests/likes/favorites on the green, pink, and white paper circles. For instance, McKayla's been struck by Bieber fever; she loves wearing her Day of the Week socks (but only on the correct day!); and she's excited that her teacher is back at school after being out with a broken arm for many months.

In terms of the layout itself, I wanted the viewer's eye to be drawn first to the b + w photo of McKayla and then rove over the page perusing the circles and reading the text.

The flower ribbon helped frame the collection of white boxes.

I had so much fun pulling together this layout about McKayla. It came together quickly and best of all, I didn't rely on a sketch.


P.S. Happy birthday to my dear friend, Noah!

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Dmarie said...

looks fabulous and what a great way to show your daughter you love her enough to create something specifically tailored to her tastes!

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