Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yesterday & Today: Two More Layouts

Recently, I completed two more layouts as part of Ali Edwards' Yesterday and Today class.

In the first layout, which is comprised of two 12 x 12 pages using divided page protectors, I focused on some of the everyday details in my life right now.

For each photo, I wrote three sentences that begin with I and one of the following words: see, dream, live, make, go, eat, play, am, think, love.

After crafting the sentences in Word (using the free Mom's Typewriter font), I printed them out on white card stock, then trimmed and glued them onto each photo.

The photos were taken over the course of a week--at both home and school. As you've probably noticed, I'm present (in one way or another) in each of the photos. In order to make this happen, I learned how to use the self-timer on my Canon, so I could easily take pictures at school. At home, I used the self-timer on my Nikon or asked Brian to take my picture.

For the second layout, which is a 6 x 12 piece, I chose to pair patterned paper with a collection of random facts about me.

In all, I wrote down 32 bits and pieces of information--tidbits that I don't think I've documented elsewhere in my scrapbook layouts.

Here are a few of the facts I included:
* My camp counselor nickname was "Toothpick."

* When I received one of my school shots at five years of age, I fainted and fell off the exam table.

* I started wearing glasses at age 16.

* I got my ears pierced (for the first time) that same year.

According to Ali Edwards, the inspiration for this layout came from a mini-album she created in her Life Artist book. The album contains random facts about the important people in her kid's lives, such as her parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

I'd love to create a similar album with a collection of facts from each of my parents.

Maybe I can twist their arms, say "pretty please" over and over again or better yet, only write one item on my birthday list. :-)


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