Sunday, May 22, 2011

For Today: May 22, 2011

FOR TODAY, I am...

Thinking about...all that I need to accomplish this coming week at school. I know it will get done bit-by-bit and I'm reminding myself to keep my eyes on the finish line!

Thankful for...time to play games like Upwords and Bananagrams at a reading conference. I'd heard good things about both of these games, but never tried them myself until yesterday. Both are quite fun!

Working on...31 report cards, while burning a DVD-R with pictures from this year for each of my students. (A generous parent donated the DVDs!)

Inspired by

Creating...a Day in the Life layout. I'm almost finished--just need to sew around the photo and text blocks. Will share pics here soon!

Loving...Postcards From Far Away, a beautiful classical piano piece by Coldplay. (Just wish it were a bit longer!)

Reading...Boys Adrift. After setting this book aside for awhile, I'm giving it a second chance. I picked it up again for the very same reason I first selected it at the library: So many of my male students are unmotivated in the classroom. I want to find out why, and what I can do as an educator to help them achieve their potential. do a bit of vacation planning.

A picture to share...

During spring break, while exploring our property, I snapped this picture using the fancy-shmancy lens Brian rented for me. Then, I cropped it and adjusted the coloring in PSE.

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!


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