Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our Bathrooms: Before and After Photos

As you might recall, back in January, Brian and I began remodeling our hall and master bathrooms. I wrote about the first step--painting the walls--in this blog post.

Now, five months later, the bathrooms are finally finished, and I am super excited to share the before and after photos.

Here's a look at our master bathroom in December before the remodel...

And here's our new master bathroom...

I love the travertine flooring (from Lowe's) and the granite counter top (from Granite Outlet).

I'm also pleased with the way the bathtub surround (also travertine tile) turned out.

Speaking of the bathtub, I snapped this picture from inside it. I've got to be honest: It felt a bit strange to be sitting there fully clothed. :-) Anyway, I shot this photograph, so I could highlight this pretty piece of art that I found in Target. Yep, you read that right: Target.

Every bathtub has to have candles, right?! This trio of candle vases, which I found at Home Goods recently, fits the bill nicely.

A close-up shot of our vanity area.

I'm a big fan of white towels. They are so versatile and easy to clean (read: bleach).

And I'm still on the hunt for a piece of art for above the towel rack.

Now, let's take a look at our hall bathroom before the remodel...

And here's a look at our new hall bathroom...

A few notes on this bathroom:
- As you can see, I chose granite (albeit a different style) for the counter top in this bathroom.

- While shopping in Wal-Mart a month ago, I found this orchid and brought it home. Surprisingly, I've yet to kill it. :-) Just three ice cubes a week and it's happy.

-Although not pictured, the flooring is a neutral color porcelain tile--similar in color to the walls.

-The white shower curtain (from Target) has a nice waffle texture to it--much like a robe you might wear at a spa. Love it!

While browing Pinterest recently, I saw this Holstee Manifesto poster and instantly knew I wanted to display it in our hall bathroom. If only to serve as a reminder to me of the important things in life.

Well, that concludes the tour of our newly-remodeled bathrooms.

If you have any questions (or suggestions), please leave a comment.

Have a wonderful day!


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Alicia said...

They look fantastic!

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