Sunday, August 21, 2011

Me & My Dad Layout

While sorting through old photos this summer, I found this picture of my dad and me riding on the beach in Ocean Shores, Washington.

This photo was taken in 1984. I was six years old; my dad was 30.

From the moment I saw the photograph, I knew I wanted to scrap it. But I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to go in.

I sat looking at this picture for a few minutes and it hit me: Why not brainstorm all of the ways my dad and I are alike?

The similarities popped into my head so quickly that I grabbed my iPhone and started typing my thoughts into a note.

I titled the note (and the layout) "Me & My Dad," which I know isn't grammatically correct, but rolls off the tongue easier than "My Dad & Me."

With the picture and the journaling ready to go, it was just a matter of finding a digital layered template I liked.

My go-to website for digital templates is: Designer Digitals. On their website, I located this template by Ali Edwards. From there, all I had to do was add the photo, type in the journaling, and insert a piece of patterned paper.

Easy peasy!

Here's the journaling:
My dad and I are alike in many ways. We love to "blend" in the car. We are night owls. We love country music. We enjoy reading. We are introverted. We like to watch episodes of The Office. We love taking pictures with our SLRs. We are thinkers and worriers. We love spending time in the great outdoors. We enjoy helping others.


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