Sunday, August 28, 2011

This Week

Hi all!

I've been VERY busy lately with school starting back up, but I want to share with you a few photos and stories from this past week.

Sunday: Brian and I headed out to do some berry pickin' just down the road. Afterward, we thought about making a blackberry cobbler, but since I devoured all of the berries in just three days, there was nothing left for a baked dessert.

Monday: My sister-in-law, Lori, her husband, and two girls came to visit. In the afternoon, Brian, Hailey, and Courtney built two bird feeders.

Here's Courtney with her bird feeder, sans the top.

After dinner on the deck, we celebrated Lori's 32nd birthday with strawberry bundt cake.

Tuesday: While organizing my supply cabinet, I came across this extra box of crayons that I purchased at Walmart a few weeks ago.

I smiled when I read this side of the box.

I laughed when I read this side. Wonder who wrote it?

Wednesday morning: I pulled off the freeway and into the Sizzler parking lot to snap this picture with my iPhone. It was my 7-minute field trip of the day. Although I abhor getting up so early, I love witnessing gorgeous sunrises like this one.

Wednesday afternoon: Lucy alerted me to these deer--three does and two fawns--grazing on grass in our backyard. The adorable fawns still had white spots covering their fur.

Thursday: In the morning, while driving on a country road near our house, I caught sight of a handmade, neon green "Happy Birthday" sign stapled to a power pole. I thought, "Oh, how sweet!" and kept singing along to a Chris Young tune. But as I drove further down the road, I saw a second sign that read:, "To You." Then, a third sign appeared that read: "Happy Birthday." In all, there were nine signs leading up to our local 4th-8th grade school, each one containing a phrase from the Happy Birthday song. The last one read: Love, followed by three names. How creative (and awesome) is that! I hope Reagan had a wonderful birthday!

Friday: I bought two new pairs of jeans at Gap recently because they were (perhaps, still are?) having a great sale--40% off any jeans--and I decided to don one of the pairs today. Oh, and these ballet flats were on sale, too. Regularly $39.95, I scored them for just $25.

Saturday morning: Last week, my students completed one of my favorite homework assignments where they ask me questions. Here are my five favorite questions:

1. One day, can I be line leader?
2. How did you get so skinny? :-)
3. Do you live in a firehouse?
4. Do you like chocolate?
5. Would you eat lunch with us?

Kids crack me up!

Saturday afternoon: Brian and I hung out with McKayla and my family for a few hours. McKayla successfully completed several division problems (you go, girl!), drew a few pictures creating animals and flowers from capital letters, and performed a cheer for us.

All in all, it was a really great week!


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