Saturday, January 28, 2012

Around Here

Cherishing time with Brian and Noah.

Printing pictures for the bulletin board in the nursery.

Typing e-mails with my right hand; cradling a sleeping baby in my left arm.

Reading I Wished For You to Noah, tears streaming down my face.

Cleaning Dr. Brown's bottles.

Thanking the Lord for blessing us with a son.

Writing thank you notes for baby gifts.

Listening to the sound of waves crashing on the shore (from the Sleep Lite app) via the baby monitor.

Enjoying short visits with family and friends.

Clicking the Itzbeen monitor after every diaper change or feeding.

Wearing my pajamas all day.  (Not every day, but some days.)

Riding my bike trainer again after 2+ weeks of little to no exercise.  Feels good!

Thinking about this Ira Glass video

Perusing Your Baby's First Year Week by Week.

Downloading BeFunkyPro, a photography editing app for my iPhone.

Brainstorming possible topics for my next writing assignment.

Looking forward to learning how to use Lightroom 3.


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