Tuesday, February 21, 2012

For Today

My two favorite cowboys

THINKING ABOUT...the Connie Schultz article I read in Parade on Sunday.  Every time I read one of her pieces, I find myself smiling--sometimes even chuckling, too.  Connie is a Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist who crafts columns that are inspiring, funny, and insightful.  Click here to check out Connie's  essays.
THANKFUL FOR...my sweet husband who likes to cook.  On Monday, before he left for work, Brian made a batch of raviolis for me, so I would have dinner while he was gone.  So, so thoughtful.  

INSPIRED BY...Bumbo's commitment to the people of South Africa.  Nearly 100% of the profits from the sale of Bumbos go to support South Africans in need.  Kudos to Johan Buitendach, the inventor of Bumbo, for his generous spirit. 

a children's article about how to create a scrapbook layout.  It's not coming together as easily as I thought it would...and it's due on Friday--eek!  Could be because I am just a wee-bit distracted by an adorable almost seven-week-old named Noah.  Oh, and let's be real: I'm a procrastinator by nature.           

the beautiful daffodils on the windowsill in our dining room.  (Thanks, Aunt Susie!)

JUST FINISHED...reading Heaven is for Real.  It's a quick read, but definitely worth checking out.

READING...I Don't Know How to Cook and Marriage RulesI'm enjoying both so far!

LOOKING FORWARD...to spending time with my niece, McKayla at the end of March. 

PERUSING...Scrapbooks Etc. April 2012 issue.  Excited to see a Baby Love album in the magazine; I think I might be able to create something similar for Noah.

WATCHING...The Voice for the first time.  I'm amazed by the talent of the singers (unlike some of the contestants on American Idol), and the interaction between the judges is fun to watch.  Adam and Blake are my favorites. 

BAKING...Easy Coffee Cake (from I Don't Know How to Cook).  It must be pretty delicious--Brian had two pieces!

ENJOYING...Noah's smiles.

Hope you are having a great week!


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