Sunday, May 6, 2012

Table Mountain

On Friday, Brian, Noah and I jumped in the car and headed out on a photography field trip.

We drove to Table Mountain, a beautiful reserve located seven miles outside of Oroville, that is known for its spectacular wildflowers.  

Turns out, that the unusual timing of the rainfall this year caused fewer wildflowers to appear, mainly because they were crowded out by the grass.   

Nevertheless, I took lots of photos; 130 to be exact. 

While I photographed a handful of flowers, the majority of my time was spent capturing the brilliant blue sky, white puffy clouds and endless green expanse.  (My polarizing filter came in handy!)

Here are some of my favorite shots:

I made sure to take a few photos of Brian and Noah, too.  Some from far away like the one below (I think they were trying to ditch me!), but mostly close-ups of smiley Noah hanging out in the baby carrier.
Lucky for us, Noah really enjoys being outdoors, whether we're watering the plants in the garden, throwing the ball for the dogs, or hiking on a trail.

Here's to many more family outdoor adventures! 
Looking for other local wildflower spots?  Check out this article in The Sacramento Bee.

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