Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thoughts from a New Mom

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

Given that this is my first Mother's Day, I thought it would be fitting to share my thoughts on how motherhood has changed my life.

Nothing too deep or terribly profound.

Just some observations I've made over the past four months.

Here's what I've noticed:

- I give more kisses and hugs.

- I live in the moment more--which is both surprising and exciting.

- I am learning to eat faster, particularly when Brian is at work.

- I smile more.

- I find spit-up on my shirts (and sometime my pants), regardless of how diligent I am in using a burp cloth.

- I no longer need an alarm clock.  When Noah wakes up, I wake up.

- I am learning to take shorter showers, much to my chagrin.

- I watch way more TV than I used to.

- I am learning that when it's just Noah and me, I need to start getting ready 2-3 hours before I want to leave.  Gone are the days when I could shower, get dressed, put my make-up on, eat, and get out the door in 1 hour. 

- Feeding the baby and reading a book is really only doable using my iPhone (Kindle or iBooks).  

- Sometimes, I have no idea what day it is.  I only know if Brian is at work or at home.

- I take better care of myself because I know I need to be healthy to take care of Noah.

- My arms are looking toned.  I think it might have something to do with carrying a 15-pounder around. 

- I am learning that a little person can generate a whole lot of laundry.  

- For the first time in awhile, I feel like I'm right where I'm supposed to be, doing what I was meant to do.

- I am sillier.  I will sing and dance around and sing some more just to make Noah laugh and giggle.

- I am learning that the items on my to-do list will remain there longer than they used to.  I keep reminding myself to accomplish what I can, with the time I have.

- I am more mindful of how I spend money.  I'd rather buy something for Noah than for myself.

- I am learning to pace myself, especially when Brian is away for 2, 3 or 4 days.  I focus on getting done what absolutely needs to get done (feeding, diapering, and playing with Noah as well as eating and showering for me).  I sleep when Noah sleeps.  Anything else is a bonus.

As many of you know, it took years for me to become a mom.  So, know that when I write, I feel so lucky to be a mom, I really mean it.  I am thrilled to be celebrating my first Mother's Day!

On this day, though, a small part of me can't help but also think about the childless women in our world who are still hoping and praying and waiting to become moms. 

So, on this Mother's Day, I pray for all moms, but I also pray for those women who yearn to join the ranks of motherhood.

Because I know firsthand that being a mom is one of life's greatest blessings. 


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