Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Lens

One of my goals this summer is to pick up my camera and shoot away.

With this in mind, over the weekend, I toted my Nikon D-90 around with me everywhere and snapped as many pictures as I could.  (Thank goodness Brian was home, so he could carry the baby and I could carry my camera.)  

Here's a look at our weekend through the lens:

On Saturday morning, we attended our godson Tyler's baseball game.  In the photo above, Tyler is running to first base.  (To his left is his dad/coach, Steve, cheering him on!)

 And here's Tyler sprinting to second base.  Run, Tyler, run!

After the game, we had lunch and played games back at the Liotine's house.  Tyler taught me how to play a game called Garbage.    
Noah sported this shirt that says "I'm kind of a big deal," along with a newsboy cap (both from Old Navy).

Back at our house, Brian made dinner and then the three of us walked down to the mailbox.  On the mailbox next to ours, I spotted this spider and jumped.  I thought it was real.  Clearly, one of our neighbors has a sense of humor!

Coming back from the mailbox, I made another discovery:  The deer ate all of our miniature pink roses.  :-(  The next time we visit our local nursery, I want to find out what types of flowers are deer resistant.

On Sunday after church, Brian, Noah and I dined at Denny's.  Initially, I was planning to order a few slices of french toast--like I always do at breakfast joints.  That is, until I spotted these Strawberry Pancake Puppies with Cream Cheese Icing on the menu.  Think Hushpuppies with bits of strawberry goodness.  I'm so glad I changed my mind: These little puppies were scrumptious!   

And what goes great with pancake puppies?   Why, a Sweet Georgia Peach smoothie.

That afternoon, Brian and I sorted through our long-neglected camping gear, taking stock of what we have and what we need to buy.  We're excited to take Noah camping at Lake Antelope later this month.

For dinner, I made Salmon with Asparagus and Chive Butter Sauce from this cookbook.  

It's weekends like this that remind me how thankful I am for time with family and friends.  Time to laugh and play.  Time to cook and eat.  Time to plan and organize.  Time to click, click, click--capturing it all with my camera.

How was your weekend?



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Jennie said...

Thanks, Reena! Best of luck with your blog.

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