Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Dear Baby Noah,
YOU are now officially five months old. 


Here's what I know to be true about YOU:

YOU love when I kiss your neck over and over again as fast as I can.  I'm certain you must be ticklish there because you giggle and squeal uncontrollably. 

YOU are not quite sure what to make of solid food.  Right now, you're eating pureed peaches from a spoon once a day.  You've tried mashed up avocado, too.

YOU would spend all day, every day outside in your Bjorn baby carrier, if you could. 

YOU haven't the foggiest idea what bubbles are.  When I blew some at you a few days ago, you didn't smile like I thought you would.  You just had this perplexed look on your face.   

YOU are the king of slobber these days.  For that reason, you almost always sport a bib.  

YOU can roll over.  The photo above is what I saw on our video monitor at 7:00 a.m. yesterday morning.  I couldn't believe my eyes, so I ran into your room, looked down into your crib and there you were on your tummy.  

YOU adore toys that light up and play music like Mr. Happy Snail and Mr. Seahorse.

YOU love when Daddy slides you down his leg.

YOU have brought such light and love and joy to our family.

Your Mama

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