Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Baby's World: What is Working For Us Right Now

In January of this year, I wrote a post about what was working for us in the baby department.

Fast forward seven months...

Noah is nearly 8 months old, and while some of his needs remain the same, others have changed.

Here's what is working for us now:   

1) Britax Car Seat  This week, we moved Noah from a Graco infant car seat to this Britax convertible seat.  So far, we love it.  A big thanks to the Holy Family Choir for spoiling Noah with this awesome car seat! 

2) Umbrella Stroller Once we made the decision to move Noah into a convertible car seat, I knew we'd need a new stroller.  I opted for this umbrella stroller because it's lightweight, easy to collapse, and relatively inexpensive.  Plus, it received a host of positive customer reviews on Amazon. 

3) Sophie the Giraffe Teether  There are two things I know to be true: Noah is teething AND Noah loves Sophie!  Right now, Sophie stays in the car, so Noah can chew on her during car rides.  Thanks to the Karreman family for purchasing this teether for Noah.

4) Teething Rings In addition to Sophie, Noah loves chewing on this teething ring.  (And several others like it!)  I keep them in the refrigerator when Noah is not using them.  Also, in the freezer, I stow a wet washcloth inside a plastic sandwich bag.  I pull the washcloth out when Noah's gums seem to be really bothering him.
5) Lovey Blanket Noah sleeps with this Dalmatian lovey blanket during naps and at night.  It's oh-so-soft and the perfect size for him to snuggle with.  Thanks to Chenoah for this lovey and a second one--just in case something happens to the first lovey.   

Also, you might be wondering if the items I listed in January are still working for us.
Here's an update:

1) We're no longer using the Swaddleme, but it was invaluable for the first 6+ months.  Noah just got too big for it.  Certainly, we could have continued swaddling him using a large blanket, but we decided we didn't want to...and luckily, he was okay with that.

2) We still love the diaper/wipes pod.  

3) Same with the bottle warmer.  We use it everyday.

4) Honestly, I haven't looked through this book in months, but I should.  I'm off to find it, so I can peruse it after I finish this blog post. 

5) We no longer use the Itzbeen, but it came in handy during the few first months of Noah's life.

6) We still use the pads, but only on the changing table. 

7) I only watched this video a few times before Noah arrived, and I haven't looked it at since.

8) I re-read parts of this book during the first month of Noah's life, but I haven't referenced it since.

9) I unplugged the wipe warmer in April, but we still use it to hold the cold wipes. 

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