Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Making Faces

   Over the past few weeks, Noah has been entertaining us with his facial expressions.

Like this one.

As you can see in the picture, Noah scrunches up his nose.  What the photo doesn't show is that he's simultaneously blowing air--in short bursts--out of his nostrils.

It's the funniest thing! 

Reminds me of a bull getting ready to attack.

At first, I had no idea why he was doing this.  But lately, I've noticed that Noah makes this face when he's frustrated about something.

It could be he's having a hard time maneuvering around a chair or he can't open a drawer because it's locked.

Or--as was the case yesterday--he's making a beeline for the dogs' water bowl and just as he's about to dip his hands in the water, I pick him up.

Sometimes, like in this last scenario, I'm in the process of hoisting him up off the ground, so I can't see his facial expression.  But I can hear those signature puffs of air and I smile, picturing his face in my mind.  

These "bullish" episodes have become more and more frequent in the past week. 

One day, Brian decided to mimic Noah's behavior--facial expression, nose-blowing and all--as Noah looked on.   

What did Noah do?  He smiled...and then he scrunched up his face and blew puffs of air out his nose.

I bet you can guess what Brian did.  Yep, he smiled, screwed up his face and blew again.

This went on for a minute or more--back and forth--before Noah lost interest.  

What about me?  I was doubled over, laughing so hard. 

I'm going to try to capture these precious father-son exchanges with our video camera. 

In the meantime, here are a few more of Noah's facial expressions at 10 months. 

Love those baby teeth--all six of them.

Love those wavy locks of hair sticking out from behind Noah's ear.

Love watching Noah's personality blossom--silly facial expressions and all.  

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