Tuesday, February 19, 2013


After years of saying, I want to try that--but not taking action--I finally strapped on a pair of snowshoes a week ago and hit the snow. 

Brian was game, too.  And Noah, well, he had no choice.  He was along for the ride in the backpack on Brian's back.  

But every time I snowshoed over to check on Noah, he was one happy camper.

Our neighbors, Craig and Wendy--being the avid snowboarders/snowshoers/winter sports gurus that they are--led us on our first snowshoeing adventure.  

We parked near Donner Ski Resort, ate lunch, pulled our gear on (we bought hiking boots from Sierra Trading Post and rented snowshoes and poles from a shop in Auburn), and headed out.   

As you can see from the pictures, the weather was beautiful--blue skies, plenty of sunshine, and temperatures in the 40s with a decent breeze.

What a breathtaking view of Donner Lake. 

Our neighbors, Craig and Wendy, and their son, Aaron (who is about 10 months old), asleep in the baby carrier.  (Photographer aside: I really wish there wasn't a tree coming out of their heads.  Eek!  When I have a spare moment, I'm going to try to remove it using Photoshop.)

Taking a break from snowshoeing.  Aaron crawled around a bit, but Noah stayed put.

It's rare when Noah stays in one place for any length of time, but he just couldn't get enough of the snow.  Scoop and eat, scoop and eat.  It was adorable!  And I bet it felt really good on his teeth and gums.

It was a fun day filled with...
picture taking,
identifying animal tracks,
eating snow,
and occasionally, sinking in the powder.

We definitely want to go again.

Snowshoeing rocks. 

P.S. Fellow shutterbugs: If you're like me and don't take pictures in snow much, check out the article/video links below.  And then snap away!

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