Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Around Here

I am...

Marveling at how quickly Noah is growing up.  (This Friday, he'll be 15 months old.)

Welcoming spring.  

Cheering Noah on as he takes more and more steps on his own. 
Enjoying fresh strawberries.

Adjusting to just ONE nap a day instead of two.  

Gobbling up Girl Scout cookies.  I have no willpower, people.  Absolutely none.

Pulling Noah in the wagon outside. 

Loving all the deer on our property.

Thinking about Kisses From Katie, a book I recently read on my iPhone.  A truly inspirational story.

Reviewing this baby signing video, which I borrowed from the library.

Teaching Noah a little sign language--signs for water, more, all done,  thank you, and hungry.

Processing photos from March.

Appreciating the dogs for eating the food that Noah throws on the floor at mealtime.  

Missing Downton Abbey.  (Brian and I finally finished Season 3 last week.)

Researching geocaching for a possible children's article.  (Has anyone tried it?  Was it fun?)

Listening to music by Chris Young.  I can't wait until he comes out with new music; I just love his baritone voice!

Enjoying a "One Direction" cupcake with Cool Whip frosting.  (Thanks, McKayla!)

Looking forward to a photography mentoring session this Saturday with Beckie Kengle.  

What's happening with you?

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