Friday, April 19, 2013

Flashback Friday

Happy Friday!

As I was looking back through old photos for this Flashback Friday series, I came across a number of funny shots (outtakes, if you will) from my monthly photo shoots.

For a handful of months, Brian was home and able to assist in posing Noah.  But more often than not, it was just me and Noah and the bear.  Oh, and my camera, of course!  

Each month, I snapped dozen of photos, hoping to capture at least one decent shot with Noah looking at the camera, smiling, and preferably leaning up against the bear.  

The best of the best made it into this scrapbooking layout.   

But what about the rest?

Here are a few of my favorite outtakes, along with commentary from Noah.

I don't want to lie here on this big, strange bear.  Pick me up, pick me up, PICK. ME. UP!!

What just happened?  I slid, I think.  Help! 

Hey, I'm rolling off the bear again.  But I'm not scared.  In fact, I kind of like it.  It's fun!

Why, hello there, Mr. Bear!  How does my arm taste? 

Mr. Bear is now nibbling on my ear.  Not sure I like that.  Mom, are we done yet?  

Oh, this sticker looks so delicious!  I'm going to scrunch it up, slobber all over it, and then see if it will fit in my mouth. 

Uh-oh...hi, Mom!  I was the sticker...and maybe sucking on it a little bit.  

Oh, you don't care because the photo session is over.  Sweet; I'm not busted after all.  Back to it then.

Let's roll, Mr. Bear. 

You have a mouth like me, Mr. Bear.  Let's check for teeth. 

How about we wrestle, Mr. Bear?  Watch out, I've got moves.  I'm going to take you down.

Mommy, you forgot something...MY STICKER!

This again...ugh!  I really don't want to sit with Mr. Bear anymore.  How about you take photos of just Mr. Bear?  I'll pose him on his side for you.

And on his back.   

Hypnotist Noah: Okay, Mr. Bear, when I count to three, you will fall asleep instantly.  1-2-3.  Wow, it worked--he's snoring!

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