Monday, April 22, 2013

What to Buy for a 1-Year-Old

Several children in our family and circle of friends have turned one or are going to turn one this year.  To name just a few...Noah turned one in January; Noah's cousin, Sammy, turned one earlier this month; and tomorrow, our neighbor, Aaron, turns one. 

For that reason, I've had gifts for 1-year-olds on the brain recently.

Today, I thought it would be fun to share some gift ideas--just in case you need to buy something for a 1-year-old in the near future.    

1. Board Books
You can't go wrong with a book or two--particularly the board book variety--for kids this age.  
Here are some of Noah's favorites:
The Very Hungry Caterpillar (which he's "reading" in the photo above)
2. Puzzles
Melissa & Doug make a variety of quality puzzles. 
Here's one that Noah likes:
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Safari Puzzle

3. Blocks
Wooden blocks or plastic (Duplo) blocks are a huge hit at this age.

4. Musical Instruments 
Band in a Box by Melissa & Doug is a great gift for a 12-month-old. 
5. Other Indoor Toys 
There are so many great toys on the market, but these are the ones that Noah plays with quite frequently.
Fisher-Price Buzz Lightyear Space Ship
Early Years Roll n Swirl Ball Ramp 

6. Outdoor Toys
Radio Flyer Wagon 
Push Around Buggy
Fisher-Price Infant Toddler Swing
Water/Sand Table

7. Clothing
Buying clothes for a toddler is very popular, but it can be tricky.  What size does the child wear?  What types of clothing does he or she need?  It's best to check with the child's parents to determine if they need or want clothing.  And if you do buy clothes, please be sure to include a gift receipt. 

8. Shoes
At this age, most children are walking or close to walking, so shoes are a great gift.  My favorite brands are: Robeez and pediped.  

9. Gift Cards
I know some people think gift cards are impersonal, but I love them because it gives the parents (and possibly the child) the ability to hand select a gift.  Suggestions include: Target, ToysRUs/BabiesRUs, Lakeshore, or iTunes (for children's music). 

One more thing...
You might ask the child's parents if they've created an Amazon wish list.  I created a wish list for Noah when he was born and ever since, I've added items he needs or things I think he'd enjoy.  (I also go through periodically and delete things he already has or no longer needs.)

And it's not just items sold by Amazon; I can place things from other websites on Noah's wish list.

It's really handy--especially when Christmas or Noah's birthday approaches, and people ask me what Noah would like--I can simply share the list with them via email.  Amazon has two list options: public or private (with the option to share).  I have chosen to keep Noah's list private, but will gladly share with family or friends when requested to do so.    

What is your favorite thing to buy for a 1-year-old girl or boy?

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.  What does that mean?  Simply put, if you click on a hyperlink in this post and purchase that item on Amazon, I earn a little dough.  Thanks for supporting my little blog!

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