Saturday, May 4, 2013

Then and Now

May 4, 2010
OBSERVATIONS: Our family of four out for a walk in our new neighborhood.  I find it funny that I'm wearing a long-sleeved shirt, vest, and jeans--while Brian is wearing a t-shirt and shorts.  (It's still that way--generally, I'm cold and he's hot.)  Photo taken with my Nikon D90.  

April 14, 2013
OBSERVATIONS: Nearly three years later.  Our family of five (Noah is 15 months old) out for a stroll before dinner.  Noah loves "driving" his blue car, honking the horn, and dropping the steering wheel out of the car.  This time, Brian, Noah and I were all on the same page, wearing short-sleeved shirts and blue jeans.  Photo taken with my Nikon D700.   

I'm looking forward to snapping more family photos--in this same place, at the same time of year--in the years to come. 

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