Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Summer List

Resort at Squaw Creek | June 2013
With summer officially here, it's time to share my {2013} summer list.   

1| Jump into swimming lessons.

2| Spend a day at the zoo.

3| Visit the children's museum.

4| Go camping.

5| Play in the yard and at the park.

6| Go for a hike.

7| Spend time with family + friends.

8| Attend a county fair.

9| Visit a local farm stand. 

10| Attend an open gym session at a local gymnastics center.

11| Visit the library. 
12| Complete Assignment #3 for my writing class.

13| Create a photo wall in our family room.  

14| Sign up for a photography class or workshop. 

What is on {your} summer list?  

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