Wednesday, June 19, 2013

16 Things

Four years.

That's how long it's been since I wrote a 16 Things post.

And since today is my birthday (yep, I'm celebrating the big 35!), I thought it would be fun to share another 16 random, silly, and dorky things about me.

Here goes...
    1| I love listening to classical music--particularly when I'm writing.  I'm especially drawn to film scores written by Rachel Portman, such as The Duchess, The Cider House Rules, and The Vow.
        2| I check Instagram daily, and I love that it gives me a sneak peek into my friends' and family members' lives.

        3| I had chicken pox when I was four years old, and apparently, I scratched a little too hard on one. Hence, the reason why I have a pock mark on my forehead.  Yep, it's still there 31 years later.  Crazy, huh?!  Even crazier--the fact that most kids today don't know what chicken pox is.  Which is a very good thing.
        4| I have mixed feelings about Kindle books.  While I love being able to read a book on my iPhone (via the Kindle app), I rarely go back and reread any of my digital books and I can't loan them to anyone or resell them (like I could with a paperback or hardback book).  I miss the feel of a book in my hands.  I also miss knowing when the end is approaching.  Sure, Kindle displays the percentage of the book read, but I rarely pay attention to it--that is, unless the book is awful and I want to know how many more pages I have to endure until it's over.  Never a good sign.
        5| Lately, I've been experiencing some car sickness.  Or maybe, I should say nauseousness.  I think it's because 1) we live out in the country with lots of windy roads and 2) I turn around in my seat to attend to Noah or sit in the back with Noah.  
        6| I'm cooking more.  And enjoying it.  I get a total confidence boost when Brian says he's going to make a recipe at the fire station that I've made here at home.
        7| I love seeing movies in the theater.  Brian and I recently watched the movie, 42, and really enjoyed it.  I just saw a trailer for The Butler, and man, it looks good.  Looking forward to seeing it in the theater this fall.
        8| I'm still a country music fan, but recently, I've found myself drawn more to Christian music.  My favorite artist right now: Francesca Battistelli.
        9| I'm an introvert.  Which means I like people, but in small doses.  In fact, I thrive in small groups of people, for short periods of time.  And I'm okay with that.     
        10| I don't drink coffee.  But I love the smell of coffee brewing because it takes me back to my childhood.  (Both of my parents love coffee!)
        11| I'm a big fan of massages.  For Mother's Day, Noah bought me a gift certificate for a massage and I can't wait to redeem it. 
        12| Are you a Chris Young fan like me?  Then, check out his soulful rendition of "Rainy Night In Georgia."  He totally nailed it!

        13| I get really excited when I'm listening to the car radio and I hear John Tesh come on with an Intelligence For Your Life tidbit.  (See, I told you there would be a dorky nugget!)
        14| Though I've tried and tried to stop, I still bite my nails.  Several people have asked, Why don't you just get your nails done?  The truth?  1) I'm cheap.  2) I get restless sitting in a chair for more than 45 minutes with nothing to do.  3) The chemicals make me nervous.  I look at the nail technician and think, Why is she wearing a mask?  Shouldn't I be wearing one, too?
        15| I love Cool Whip.  Not the generic whipped topping.  The real thing.  I'll eat it right out of the container with a spoon, but I love it best when it's swirled into a bowl of chocolate pudding. 
        16| I've been experiencing waves of wanderlust lately.  That feeling where I'd just love to get out of dodge and travel somewhere new.  But, seconds after that thought skitters through my mind, reality hits: I have a 17-month-old who doesn't sleep well in hotels.  And I learned last year that when Brian and I (and the baby) don't get sleep, we're all very cranky with one another, which makes for a not-so-fun travel experience.  So, for now, I'm content with local adventures, knowing that someday, we'll be back out there traveling again.    
        Now it's your turn: Tell me something random, silly, or dorky about you!

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