Sunday, September 22, 2013

Five Minute Friday: She

Hiking in Bodega Dunes | September 2013
 About a month ago, I wrote a post for Five Minute Friday.

Since then, I've checked Lisa-Jo Baker's website each Friday, but none of the prompts have inspired me to write.

That is until I read this past Friday's word, she.  Then, I was all in.  I grabbed a pen and some paper and started writing.

It took me a few days to transfer my thoughts from that paper to my blog (such is life), but here is what I wrote in five minutes. 

She craves time and space.

She wants to be loved and supported.

She loves to see her baby smile.  

She adores the sound of her husband laughing.  Especially when said husband is laughing about something she said or did.  

She loves when her heart swells with joy or pride or gratitude.

She gobbles up brisket and hush puppies and sweet tea every chance she gets.  (Three reasons why she can't wait to go to Texas in October!)

She likes to think.  And plan.  And dream.

She carries a camera with her nearly everywhere.

She enjoys hiking with her little family.    

She fills up journal after journal with her writing.

She is a reader. 

She loves fresh air, fresh flowers, and fresh underwear.  (Ha-ha...made you smile!)

She craves chocolate--preferably Oreo cookies--during that one crazy week of the month.

She loves to sing--not for others per se--but because doing so makes her feel so alive.

She is me.

Thanks for reading!  


Joy said...

Jennie, thanks for sharing with us a little about you. I just linked up today so you beat me ;)

Bethany Grace Martin said...

Jennie, you did make me smile! This was fun. I'd like to attempt a list for myself, too. It seems like a great way to give yourself a little more room to breathe.

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