Thursday, September 26, 2013

Camping at Bodega Dunes

Today, I'm back with a few more photos from our recent coastal camping trip.

If you missed the first post with Sunday's photos + words, click here.  

Because we arrived so late on Sunday, we didn't get a chance to head down to the beach until Monday morning. 

These four photos were taken at North Salmon Creek Beach, just minutes from Bodega Bay.

It was a nice, flat beach with lots of surfers catching waves nearby.  And the weather was beautiful--sunny and clear with just a slight breeze.         

Noah loved the water (no surprise there!).  So much so, in fact, that his jeans got soaked in mere minutes.  Brian rolled up his pants and Noah continued to kick and splash and jump and laugh.
Speaking of laughing, at times, I could hear Noah's squeals of delight even over the sound of the waves crashing.

When the water receded for a few moments, Noah could be found smacking his hands on the wet sand.  (Isn't the reflection in the sand so cool?  Pure serendipity.) heart was so happy watching Noah and Brian play in the Pacific Ocean. 

Later on that day after Noah's nap, we decided to let Spud Point Crab Company provide us with dinner.  I'm not used to camping so close to civilization where dinner is just five minutes away.  Talk about a treat.  We ordered sandwiches (crab for Brian and shrimp for me) and of course, clam chowder.  Everything was delicious.  Noah's favorite part?  The soup crackers.  Smile.  

After dinner, it was off to explore the sand dunes again--this time with a sweatshirt, hood up, because of the fierce wind.  As you can see, Noah loved running down the trail!

At one point, I was able to run up ahead of Noah.  I looked at him and said, "Come and get me!" and then took off running.  I could hear him laughing in the distance.  After running for about fifteen seconds, I turned back and this is what I saw: pure delight on Noah's face as he chased me.

I love, love, love our fun and happy boy!

When the sand dunes got too steep for Noah to climb, Brian picked him up and carried him--either in his arms or on his shoulders.    

Once we were back in the campground, though, Noah was off walking and running and saying "hi" to the other campers.

There were lots of "firsts" on this trip: Noah's first time in the ocean; his first time camping in the dunes; and his first time sleeping through the night away from home (thank God!). 

But there's one more first I want to mention: Noah enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate. 

While sitting in the trailer, Brian lovingly made me a mug of hot cocoa (thanks, babe!) and of course, Noah wanted to try it.  So, Brian poured some in a cup for Noah (watering it down considerably), and then prepared a glass for himself.  

Before drinking our mugs of hot chocolate, the three of us clinked our glasses together and exclaimed "Cheers!"   

It was a toast to one another, to our little family, and to great memories made on this camping trip.    


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