Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week in the Life 2013 | Friday

I stayed up quite late on Thursday night editing photos and posting them to my blog, so by early afternoon yesterday, I found myself super sleepy. 

Thankfully, Noah took a good nap (2.5 hours), so I was able to sneak in a little shuteye, too.

Turns out, my hubby did the same thing, but at the fire station (they had a rough night with lots of calls).

Here's a look at my Friday photos + words:

Singing "Good morning to you" to my Noah Bear while he sits in his crib.  (I really wish Noah's eyes were in focus, but I just loved this shot too much not to include it here.) 

 Reading books while waiting for mommy to make breakfast.

Playing at the park.  And interviewing a second candidate for the babysitter position.  {iPhone pic} 

Heading home from the park.  That's Noah in the mirror on the left hand side.  {iPhone pic}

 Blending (windows part way down, air on) in the car.  {iPhone pic}   

 Peek-a-booing in the front yard.

Munching on Sun Chips. 

 Pointing to the gnome's nose and saying "n-o-o-o-se."

Shopping for a second compact flash card for my Nikon D700.

Checking on the growing persimmons (which won't be ready until winter) and throwing rocks into the creek. 

What were your favorite moments today? 

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