Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week in the Life 2013 | Saturday

Hello again!

Here's a look at our Saturday in photos + words.

Waiting at the door for daddy.  {Lucy: almost 10; Noah: 20 months; Rudy: almost 8}

Taking my vitamins.     

 Packing for our upcoming camping trip. 

Looking forward to trying out this product, Sand-Off!  (Thanks for recommending this, Tina!)

Hanging my apple wreath on the front door.

Saying "No, thank you" and "Run, Noah, run" and "Good job" and "Boo" to Noah.

Hearing Noah say "No" and "I know" and "Owl" and "Elmo."

 Cheering on the Notre Dame football team.

Washing my face with this Avon cleanser.  I started using it about six months ago and I'm really pleased.  It's a great product, especially for a thirty-something like me who still gets breakouts. Did I mention it's only $5.49?  And you can order it directly through Avon's website.        

We're heading out on a short camping trip this afternoon, so look for my Sunday photos + words later on in the week. 

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