Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week in the Life 2013 | Tuesday


Here's a look at my Tuesday photos + words.

Wearing my new flats--a total score at just $8!  Minutes before I snapped this shot, I was down on the ground playing with Noah--hence, the carpet impressions.   

Running one of his new tractors (from grandma & grandpa) along the edges of the sofa.  And the dining room table.  And the fireplace hearth.

Interviewing a young woman to babysit Noah.  (Noah's current sitter has taken care of Noah twice a month for the past year, but she has to cut back her hours. Boo!)  We hope to find a replacement sitter soon because Brian and I love having time to work on projects around the house, run errands or go on dates. 

Playing at a nearby splash pad. 

 Riding his horsey.  Giddy up!  {iPhone photo} 

Loving this sweet card my mom and dad sent us. 

Devouring leftover spicy sausage pasta and an avocado for lunch.

Discussing health plan options with Brian--open enrollment starts next week.  

Celebrating our one year family birthday!  Last year, on this day, Noah officially became part of our family.   So grateful and proud to be his forever family! {iPhone photo}

Reading about firefighters on our drive home from the restaurant. {iPhone photo} 

Riding his new tricycle.  Brian bought the trike earlier today, saying Noah needed a family birthday present.  Oy vey.  {iPhone very low light}  

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my day!

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Fiona said...

what a great day! i love the shot of your shoes!

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