Monday, October 21, 2013

Feet First

This photo of my feet, taken on the beach in Kill Devil Hills, was inspired by the work of photographer Tom Robinson.

Since 2005, Tom has been documenting his travels by taking photos of feet--more specifically, he and his girlfriend's feet, as well as those of their young daughter.

Tom's "Feet First" collection contains more than 100 stunning photos.  If you're curious about the details of each photo, roll your mouse over the bottom of the image and a rectangular box will pop up with information. The pictures taken in Slovenia really grabbed my attention; I had no idea it was such a beautiful country.

Looking at these photos entices me to want to travel more, especially abroad.  As if I didn't already have wanderlust issues.  Smile.  

While browsing Tom's website, another photo series caught my attention.  If you need a smile this Monday morning, check out the "I'm going to be a dad" collection.  The expressions he captured are priceless!

Keep on clicking on, shutterbugs. 


Tina said...

Such a great idea! And yes, his photos were awesome and the telling them they were expecting, priceless!

Tina said...

So cute! Love the idea!

His photos of telling the news was priceless..very cool!

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