Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hiking with the Goebel Family

Earlier this month, we hiked a small section (5-6 miles) of the Pacific Crest Trail up in the Donner Summit Area with the Goebel family.

As you might remember, in February, we went snowshoeing in the same general area--just on the opposite side of Donner Pass Road. 

 In fact, see that lake on the left side?  That's close to where we snowshoed last winter.  

During the hike, Craig and Brian carried the boys on their backs.  Periodically, while we were hiking the trail up to the top of the mountain, we'd hear Aaron say, "Nona?"  He was calling out for Noah.  Craig would stop and turn around, so Aaron could see Noah in Brian's pack.  It was the cutest thing! 

On the way back down, Brian and Craig hiked side-by-side, so the boys could see each other, "talk," and wave.     

Once we reached a fairly flat area, we stopped to let the boys run around and eat lunch.

We took a few pictures with our iPhones, too.

 The view on the way down was spectacular.  I believe that is Lake Van Norden in the distance.

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail made me think of Wild, a book about a woman who hiked more than a thousand miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, at times all by herself.

We were, by no means, alone on the trail.  Being a Saturday, the trail was crowded at times, but the six of us had fun.  I'm so thankful we have neighbors who love to explore the outdoors--whether snowshoeing or hiking.  

The four of us joke and say we're raising hikers. But there's definitely some truth to it: Brian and I adore being outdoors, and we hope to cultivate a similar love for nature in Noah. 

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Yi-Jiun said...

Great pictures full of smiles. What a happy and sunny family!

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