Monday, December 2, 2013

Our Texas Trip | 2013

About a month ago, Brian, Noah, and I flew to Texas for a week to celebrate my sister Kate's wedding. 

After arriving home in early November, I created a list of all that I wanted to remember about our trip. As I wrote down some of the details, the prompt that kept springing to mind was "It was the trip where..."  So, that's what I'm going to use to document my thoughts here. 

And who knows?  Maybe someday in the future, I'll create a scrapbook page wherein the text from this post becomes the journaling on the layout. 

It was the trip where Katie & Preston got married at a gorgeous ranch in East Texas.  What a beautiful ceremony and fun reception!

It was the trip where we "partied" with both my mom's extended family and my dad's extended family.  (The last time both sides of my family were all together was nearly ten years ago for our wedding!)  

It was the trip where Noah wore his first tuxedo.  He looked so adorable! 

It was the trip where Noah parked himself in front of guitarist Daniel Rocha and watched and listened to him for several long periods.  Well, long for a 21-month-old.

Noah also loved seeing Noelle Bean (Preston's sister) play her guitar.

He's got a thing for music (and instruments), which of course, I think is pretty darn cool.

It was the trip where Noah donned several cowboy hats.  My dad’s hat.  My cousin Chris’s hat.  My cousin Brian’s hat.  All black. All way too big. All adorably cute on ring bearer Noah.

It was the trip where Brian really stepped up, not only on the day of the wedding, but also on the days leading up to it.  He took care of the baby (when I was busy), packed the car, carried boxes of beer into the reception hall, dressed Noah in his tuxedo, and found milk for Noah after the reception.  Thanks, Babe!

It was the trip where the three of us stayed in a rental house (booked through and played lots of hide-and-seek.

It was the trip where Noah crawled through this tunnel over and over again and rode his trike around. (A big thanks to my parents for schlepping both the tunnel and trike to Texas in their car.)

It was the trip where Noah locked himself in the bathroom of said rental house.  Eeek!  Luckily, we were able to free him quickly.
It was the trip where we played at a neighborhood park, just minutes from our rental house.  That's something I miss about living in the suburbs--a park just down the street.

It was the trip where we rented an SUV (and loved it!).

It was the trip where we sat in business class on the flight home.  It was Noah's first time, and only my second time ever. What a treat!

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