Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello December Daily 2013

Welcome December!

And hello December Daily!

It's my third year participating in Ali Edwards' December Daily album project.

The first year (2010), I created a 6x8 album.  

Last year, I chose a 4x6 album.

And this year, I'm going with this 6x12 album.


It was not easy finding a 6x12 album.  I started by looking online, and had a dreadful time locating one.  Then, when I finally found a suitable album, the shipping was more than the item.

Luckily, I remembered I had a Hobby Lobby gift card in my wallet.  I called the store, and lo and behold, they had three different 6x12 albums.


Even better, all their albums (and plastic photo pages) were 50% off.

Double score! 

Here's a look at the inside of the album:

I purchased Ali Edwards' December Daily 4x6 journal cards, printed them out, and trimmed them down to size.

My goal is to write a little each day on a journal card, and then take at least two photos. 

But I'm sure there will be days where I snap a ton of photos, but don't have much to say, or don't have the energy or time to write.  On those days, I think I'll just place an overlay (with the date) right on my photo and then print it out.  

I can't wait to document our holiday and non-holiday stories in this album. 

Here's to snapping and writing and enjoying the magic of the Christmas season. 

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