Friday, February 21, 2014

Card Drive for Emma

Hello readers!

Since I know many of you are crafty types like me, I thought I'd share information about a card drive that's happening right now.

This card drive is for a courageous 7-year-old named Emma who is battling leukemia.

Kelly, the card drive organizer, is aiming to collect at least 104 greeting cards (both handmade and store-bought), so that Emma will receive one card every week for the next two years.

Last night, I whipped up six quick cards while watching Mona Lisa Smile. I kept the cards very simple and kid-friendly using a few stamps, some colored pencils, and a couple of jokes I found online.

Like these two:

Why doesn't the elephant use the computer? Because it is afraid of the mouse.

What do elephants do in the evenings? Watch elevision.  

If you're interested in creating a card or two for Emma, please see Kelly's blog for more information about what to write in the cards as well as where to send them.

Kelly is offering prizes to those who send in handmade cards by July 20, 2014.

And if you're not a card maker, please send up a prayer or good thought for Emma and her family. I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

these are perfect to cheer the family up and offer them a smile! THANK you so much for participating and SHARING the drive!

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