Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Thinking fondly of our 10th wedding anniversary weekend in Graeagle where I snapped the above photo.

Creating a layout for Scrapbook Circle's May sketch using photos from said weekend.

Listening to B92.5--a new country station that plays 55 minutes of country music every hour. Yeehaw!

Reading The Girl Who Came Home by Hazel Gaynor. The Kindle edition is only $1.99 here. I'm about halfway through it, and although it's a blend of fact and fiction, I'm really enjoying it. I've pretty much been obsessed with the Titanic since seeing the movie.  (Which, by the way, I saw in the theater, four times, I think. A record for me, for sure.)

Munching on this sea salt popcorn. (We bought a BIG bag of it at Costco.)
Watching Call the Midwife and Mr. Selfridge (when I'm running on the treadmill). 

Sneezing. A LOT.  And listening to Noah sneeze, too.  It appears that we both have seasonal allergies.

Taking iPhone pics of a gaggle of geese (including 14 goslings) at our local park.

Catching myself talking in the third person a lot, as in "Noah, Mommy wants you to ________" or "When you __________, Noah, Mommy got hurt."

Delighting in how excited Noah is to go camping tomorrow. Today, he kept saying, "Sleep in the trailer.  With mommy and daddy. Eat in the trailer. Bath in the trailer. "  He's pumped and so am I.

Drafting a summer 2014 list. (Blog post to come.)

Loving how my husband, son, and parents spoiled me on Mother's Day.

Hoping you have a happy day!

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