Monday, May 12, 2014

Day in the Life | May 2014

Last Thursday, I documented our day, taking photos with my Nikon cameras and my iPhone as well as jotting down a few notes.

Here's a look at our day:

Welcome Home Daddy | When Noah and I got up about 7:00 am, I texted Brian at the fire station and asked if he would be willing to take a picture of Noah and me in the window when he arrived home. This is what Brian saw when he stepped out of his truck.  (Thanks for snapping this shot, babe!) 

Attire | Lately, Noah is quite opposed to wearing clothing. He loves just roaming the house in a diaper and sometimes, shoes.  On this day, he pulled his black boots out of the closet and put them on all. by. himself. And he didn't seem to be the least bit bothered that they were on the wrong feet. (Nikon D90)

Chatting | Catching up with daddy who worked a 72-hour shift. (Nikon D90)

Dog & Squirrel | Later on, our dog, Rudy, spotted a squirrel on the deck and locked eyes with it.  But Rudy didn't make a peep--no barking, no whining, no lunging at the door. Our dogs have very different personalities.  Rudy is quiet and timid. Lucy, on the other hand, would have been losing her mind! (Nikon D90)

Play | After breakfast, Noah played with his trains. (iPhone)

Running Errands | Brian, Noah and I picked up my Nikon D700 at Action Camera (they were great about shipping my camera to Nikon to have it repaired) and stopped off to pick up dog food at PetSmart. 

My favorite part? Getting a few minutes to myself to peruse the aisles at Jo-Ann's while Noah and Brian shopped at Costco. I snapped this quick selfie because I'm in love with this chevron print sleeveless top from Kohl's.

Reading | After Noah's nap, we read several books. I snapped this photo of the two of us using the free GorillaCam app with a self-timer. (iPhone)

Rain | After dinner, we received a spring shower. (Nikon D700)
 Bath | Here's Noah singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in the bath tub. (Nikon D700)

Bedtime | After Noah's bath, Brian and Noah read one of his favorite books, What Do People Do All Day? by Richard Scarry. (Nikon D700)

One More Thing | Because Noah is talking so much these days, I wanted to document some of the more common words/phrases/sentences. Here's what Noah, at 28 months, is saying:

"Noey, do it!"
"Mommy, carry you!" (when he wants me to carry him)
"Where is my tractor?"
"My Rudy."
"I need milk." (he says this so matter of factly that I can't help but grin)
"Try it?" (when he wants to eat something I'm eating, which happens A LOT now)
"Go for a ride in truck." (daddy's truck)
"Cleaze." (Please)
"Play again, play again." (singing along to Luke Bryan's new song, Play It Again)
"I eat it." (again, when he wants to eat something I'm eating)
"Just kidding!" (This was the first time I'd heard him say this. Smile.)
"That's funny!"
"I need mail." (after watching Brian and me open our mail)

About a year ago, I documented a day in our lives. Looking back, it was interesting to see how some things have changed and others have remained the same.

Thanks to Ali Edwards for inspiring me once again to document a day in our lives.


Mel said...

Some cute captures I especially love the one in the cowboy boots! I blogged mine too - its fun!

Jennie said...

Thanks, Mel! I can't wait to check out your DIL.

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