Friday, May 2, 2014

A Lovely Gift for Mother's Day

Last Mother's Day, my two sisters and I collaborated on this gift for our mom.

It's a glass jar filled with 101 slips of colored paper.

Each slip of paper contains a reason why we love our mom. (There's a different color for each sister: Red for me, green for Nichole and turquoise for Katie.)  

Here's a look at what I wrote on eight of the 34 strips.

Mom, I love you...
  • Because you taught me the value of thank you notes.
  • Because you made me beef broth in the elephant cup when I was sick.
  •  Because you took us on airplane flights--many times flying all by yourself with two or three kids.
  • Because you assembled lots of photo albums with pictures of us as kids.
  • Because you embrace new technologies.  New iPhone? Bring it on. A new computer? Yes, please. A Kindle reader? Definitely.
  • Because you love to read, and you passed that love onto me. I enjoy words + stories today, in large part because of you.  
  • Because you reminded me to move my elbows off the dining room table.
  • Because you exposed me to lots of different types of music and artists: James Taylor. Earth, Wind & Fire. Dan Fogelberg. Willie Nelson. The Beatles. I remember listening to some vinyl records from your collection, lots of cassette tapes, and of course, CDs as I got older. 
The Process | First, I brainstormed as many reasons as I could, trying to be as specific as possible. I typed up the reasons in a Word document, and then went back a few days later, and chose my favorite 34 and neatly wrote them on red paper. After cutting the paper into strips, I folded them in half and placed them in the jar, which I bought at Beverly's with a 40% off coupon.  Score!

My sisters sent me their strips as well, and into the jar they went. I added some ribbon and a handcrafted tag, and it was ready for mom.    

Inspiration | I found this idea on--where else?--Pinterest.  Here's the original link, which contains a few other Mother's Day gift ideas.

While this gift is intended for kids to make for their moms, I'd argue that it's an awesome idea for adult kids, too.  Because I think moms of any age--whether they are in their 30s, 60s or 80s--would love to receive a Mother's Day present like this.

I know our mom did!

Your turn: What handmade items have you created to honor your mom on Mother's Day?

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