Thursday, June 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday | Birthday Edition

While I don't usually participate in #tbt (Throwback Thursday), today is my birthday, so I thought I would share a childhood birthday photo.

Granted, it's not the most flattering photo of me--my eyes are closed and all--but it made me smile.

There I am blowing out my younger sister Nichole's candle, probably because I was four and Nik was one and my parents asked me to do it.  (Sometimes, I wish pictures could talk and tell you all the little details surrounding the event.  Oh wait, that's called video! HA!)

Clearly, I had already blown out my candle and I'm sure I was game to blow out another.

I love Nichole's wide eyes and joyful expression.

I love that we're both wearing our pajamas. (I'm not sure if this was in the morning or evening.)

I love that we're celebrating together.  (There were many years where we had joint parties because our birthdays are only eight days apart.)

I love that the cupcakes are homemade. (Man, a cupcake sounds really good right now!)

I love that this photo screams '80s! (It was taken in 1982.) From the couch to the table to my hairdo. The graininess makes me cringe, of course, but it certainly adds to the "antique" (or should I just say "old?") feeling of the photograph.

Both of my younger sisters were born in June. In fact, we're all born within 10 days of each other. (Yes, apparently my parents had a mating season! HA!)

Happiest of birthdays to you, Nichole and Katie!

As for me, I'm grateful for 35 trips around the sun, and looking forward to the year ahead.

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