Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Scrapbook Circle | June Sketch Challenge

I'm on a roll with another scrapbook layout for the June Scrapbook Circle Sketch Challenge.

For this challenge, I selected a photo of Noah and Brian playing in the ocean near Bodega Bay. (I'll be sharing a post with more pictures from our trip next week.)

I thought this layout was the perfect opportunity to talk about the popularity of Noah's name (hence the title: "hello, my name is Noah") as well as how my name and Brian's name were quite common the year we were born.

I wrote the journaling on a brown tag that slides right behind the photo.

Here's the short note I penned to Noah:

Dear Noah,
When we chose your name, your dad and I had no idea how popular it was! Just recently, I learned that in 2012, it was the fourth most popular boys name and in 2013, it was THE MOST popular boys name. So chances are, you'll have quite a few classmates/teammates/friends with the same name. Oh how your dad and I can relate! In 1978 (the year we were born), THE MOST popular girls name was Jennifer and Brian was the ninth most popular boys name. I think you'll find (as we did) that nicknames and the first letter of your last name will come handy.
Mom & Dad

Your turn: How popular was your name the year you were born? Click HERE to find out and then leave a comment below!

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