Thursday, August 7, 2014


This month, I'm playing along with Susannah Conway's August Break 2014.  What is it all about? Essentially, it's an invitation to take ONE photo a day all this month.

It's rare that I participate in a photo challenge, but I loved that this one a) includes a daily email with visual goodness (aka beautiful images) and a few photo tips.; b) basically has no rules (think: anything goes!); c) has a decent size community of women and men (1500+) participating.

I learned about #augustbreak2014 from Ali Edwards, but I've been a fan of Susannah Conway since reading her book, This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart.

Have you read it? It's part memoir, part creative journal, and I loved it. Maybe I should use the present tense: I love it.  It lives on my iPhone in the Kindle application, and even now, two years later, I go back and reread sections of it and try out some of the exercises.

I could go on and on about Ms. Conway's book, but let's get back to the August Break.

It's only the first week of the month (we'll see how long I make it), but I'm enjoying documenting my everyday life. My goal each day is simple: To snap a photo, edit it (if I have time), and post it to Instagram.

Here's a look at the first five photos I've shared.

 August 1 | Our niece, Zoey

 August 2 | Jelly Beadz

 August 3 | Cousin Love (theme: window)

 August 4 | Orange Toys (theme: orange)


August 5 | Hello Praying Mantis (theme: three)

Want to play along, too?

Instagram: Use the hashtag, #augustbreak2014.

Flickr: August Break Flickr group

If you're sharing your photos on your blog (like I'm doing here), be sure to add your blog to this blog roll

Happy shooting and sharing!

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stefani said...

The Praying Mantis photo is really cute. :-)

Stefani @ Dreams of Nyssa

Jennie said...

Thanks, Stefani!

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