Saturday, August 16, 2014

On My Nightstand

I titled this post "On My Nightstand," but the truth is, my books and magazines reside on my tall dresser. That way, little hands can't touch them or rip them or accidentally write on them--if say, they happen to get their hands on a pencil somehow.

Here's a look at what I'm reading right now:

A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book
This is a fun book to flip through, what with its assortment of beautiful photographs and unique DIY projects. I'll definitely browse through it again when I need a creative jump start.
The Conscious Parent
I learned about this book and its author, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday show. I've only read the first few chapters, but I'm intrigued by some of her parenting ideas. In particular, I'm drawn to her beliefs that in order to be good parents, we must examine 1) who we are; 2) how we were raised; and 3) how we want to interact with our children.

The Orphan Train
I've had a hard time getting into this book. I keep picking it up, reading a few pages, and then setting it back down and moving onto another book. 

Parents magazine 
I don't subscribe to very many magazines, but this is one that I consistently enjoy reading.  

Me Before You
I know it's not technically on my nightstand, but I'm currently reading this Kindle book on my phone. Of all the books I listed here, it is my go-to read right now.  I'm 40% in and loving it!

What's on your nightstand right now?

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