Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer List 2014 Update

Each summer, I love creating a Summer List. It gets me excited about the season--about being outside more and soaking up the sunshine and frolicking in water and enjoying time with family and friends.

For the past two summers, I've completed nearly everything on my list. (Here's a look at my 2012 list and my 2013 list.)

And then this summer happened. Things came up I hadn't anticipated. God sent a few large curveballs in my direction. My priorities quickly shifted, and I had to make choices about how I was going to use my free time.

Truth be told, because I'm a Type-A person, that didn't sit well with me--at least initially. I yearn to do, do, do and go, go, go, checking items off my list and accomplishing as much as possible. I get older (and hopefully, wiser), I'm learning to breathe...and just recognize that "it is what it is." I'm learning to be grateful for what I do accomplish, instead of focusing on what I don't get done.

Here's a look at what I did this summer:

1 | Get my Nikon D700 repaired and shoot away!
Check! I did get my Nikon camera fixed, but then I sold it--along with ALL of my Nikon lenses and gear. A few weeks later, I bought a Canon 5D Mark III! Yep, you read that right: This summer, I made the HUGE leap (well, huge for me!) from Nikon to Canon, and I'm really happy I did.

2 | Finish sewing 6 pillows for the family room couches.
Still to be done. I'm slightly embarrassed to write this, but the truth is, I made one pillow cover and it looked s-o-o ridiculous that I promptly packed up my sewing supplies and moved on to the next project on my summer list. Then, a few weeks ago, I asked a seamstress how much she would charge to sew six pillow covers and she said $60. I know that's A LOT of money, but I just may take her up on it, so I'll have some pillows on my couches before say, next summer.

3 | Complete our adoption website.
Check! I put a lot of time and effort into our website, and I'm pleased with it. Hopefully, it will help us connect with more birth parents. 

4 | Start a photo journal, adding one new photo per week.
Still to be done. I didn't get around to creating a photo journal this summer, but I want to make it a priority this fall. 

5 | Visit Oregon with Brian's family.
Check! We loved visiting Bandon, Oregon.  What a beautiful town!

6 | Indulge in a massage.
Still to be done. The gift certificate (from my thoughtful hubby) is riding around in my purse, and I'm hoping to cash it in soon.

7 | Host a play date with friends.
Check! We spent lots of time with friends--at our home, their homes and several local parks.

8 | Go on at least one date per month with Brian.
Check! And we have an August date scheduled for this weekend.  (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

9 | Hike with family and/or friends.

10 | Attend a county fair. 
Check! The photo above was taken at the Nevada County Fair earlier this month.  

11 | Swim with Noah.
Check! We swam at several friends' houses and at two local pools.    

12 | Finish an article about search and rescue dogs and submit to a magazine. 
Check! I'm still waiting to hear whether my article has been accepted.

13 | Create a scrapbook layout about Noah's name.
Check! If you missed it, you can view it here

14 | Explore how to build a free little library for our neighborhood (with help from Brian).
Still to be done. I've pinned ideas to a Pinterest board and I hope to make this a reality in our neighborhood in 2015.

Your turn: What did you see/do/experience/eat/create this summer?


Bryan and Amanda Elzy said...

Hey Jennie! Enjoyed taking a look at your blog today.

Jennie said...

Hi Amanda! I'm so glad you stopped by! Thanks for reading.

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