Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tulips, Tulips, and More Tulips!

This morning, we are winging our way to Brussels!! While we're on vacation, I'll be taking a break from my blog, so I can fully enjoy the sights and spend quality time with my hubby. With that being said, though, I do have a few scheduled posts that will pop up while we're gone. (So, don't think that someone has hijacked my blog!) And I'll be checking my e-mails every once in awhile.

As with all of our other trips, we'll be bringing our camera (this will be our first international trip with our Nikon D90!) and taking lots of pictures. I'll be keeping a journal, too, so when we return home, we can share our pictures and experiences with you.

I'm sure you noticed the tulip pictures above and below. Well, while we're in Amsterdam (which will be our first stop after flying into Brussels), I'm hoping to visit the Keukenhof Gardens. Keukenhof is known as tulip heaven with over 80 acres of beautiful tulips! I'm crossing my fingers that the weather will be nice; right now the forecasters are calling for rain. (BTW, these pictures are from http://hubpages.com/hub/Tulips-From-Amsterdam. Click on the link to view more!)

In case you're wondering where else we're headed during our 2-week trip, here's our itinerary:
Home--Brussels--Amsterdam (Haarlem)--Bacharach--Rothenburg--Munich--Salzburg--Halstatt--Vienna--Brussels--Home

Oh, and one last thing before I go...a BIG thanks to all of you who read my blog posts! (And leave comments!) I'm having a blast writing about things that are of interest to me and sharing my photographs, too. Also, speaking of comments, I've had a couple of people mention that they'd love to leave a comment on one of my blog posts, but don't have a Google account. Just so you know, you don't need a Google account to post your thoughts. Just click on "Post a Comment," type your thoughts in the box and then select either "Name/URL" or "Anonymous." It's just that easy, so post away...

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Moira Warmerdam said...

Keukenhof (Kitchen-Keuken; hof-Park) is the jewel of the Netherlands. Both my mom/dad's parents had (still in the family) flower bulb farms nearby - Lisse and Noordwijkerhout. Flower bulb growers rent spots in the park to show off the flowers they grow. Then at the kiosks throughout the park, you can place an order for your favorite "bulbs." I am glad you had a chance to go there - it's one of my favorite spots, too, when I visit Holland. Moira

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