Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I just love a good bargain!

Which is why I often shop at thrift stores around town. About half of my clothing, in fact, has come from my two favorite thrift stores in town--Crossroads (Roseville) and Twice Nice (Old Roseville). Sometimes when I visit these thrift stores, though, I find tons of clothing and shoes I love, but other times, I walk out empty handed. It just depends...

For children's books, I've been able to find good deals at Deseret Industries (on Auburn Boulevard), Trent's Bookworm, Once Upon a Child, and Goodwill.

Speaking of Goodwill, recently I learned that they sell goods online. Click HERE to view their website!

When I'm shopping online and looking for deals, I check out Ebay, Overstock and Etsy. (I love that Overstock only charges $2.95 for shipping!)

Since we're talking about bargains, just FYI--Divine Savior Catholic Church in Orangevale is holding their 16th Annual Treasure Fest Yard Sale this week. On July 30th, 31st and August 1st, they'll have 17,000 square feet of stuff inside and a 1/2 acre of stuff outside. Everything from furniture to baby items to books and bikes.

Any fellow bargain shoppers out there? Where have you found good deals online or otherwise? Do share...

P.S. Today, a 1st grader reminded me of one more sweet bargain...when you visit Baskin Robbins on Tuesdays, a scoop of ice cream is just $1.00!

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