Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Crazy Hair Day!!

I have this bad habit of starting blog posts, but not finishing them.

They become relegated to the draft bin, collecting virtual dust as the weeks pass by.

Tonight, I've fished out a short blog post I started a month ago, spruced it up and *finally* published it.
On February 12th, we celebrated Crazy Hair Day at school, and I couldn't resist wearing this bright pink wig.

I picked it up the night before at a local costume shop for just $11.

I tried to rent it, but the gals at the shop weren't too keen on that idea.

Lice is not so nice! LOL

Anyway, the looks on the kids' faces when I picked them up in the morning were priceless.

Some were shocked.

Others laughed.

One kid said, "Love the hair!"

Another student asked, "Is it real?"

A third student said my wig looked just like Susan's boing boing curly hair in Ramona the Pest. (We had just finished reading that book and the kids loved it! They couldn't believe that Ramona Geraldine Quimby was kicked out of kindergarten for pulling Susan's hair.)

Later on in the day, one of my sweet students (and I'm not being sarcastic!) raised her hand and said with a smile, "Mrs. H, it's really hard to take you seriously with that wig on!" LOL

I'm not sure that pink is my color, but having curly hair for the day was fun! I just wish the pantyhose sleeve that I wore over my hair (to camouflage my hair color and keep my hair up under the wig) wasn't quite so-o-o- tight. It gave me a big headache and left a 4-inch red mark on my forehead for several days.

But it was so-o-o worth it!

Next time--which may very well be a future Halloween--you can bet that I'll be using bobby pins to hold up my hair instead.

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Tina said...

How fun!!!! I love when the teachers get in on this fun stuff!

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