Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthday & Book Fun

Today is my sister's birthday!  Because Nichole is such a movie nut, I decided to create a cinema birthday bin for her--complete with microwave popcorn, Sour Patch kids, drink coasters, a gift card to Blockbuster, and a film reel for photos.    

But I couldn't send a gift to Nichole without also including something for her daughter (our niece), McKayla, especially since McKayla's last day of school was Friday.  She's now a 3rd grader!!

I whipped up this Happy Summer! card for McKayla, writing inside:

Hooray, hooray
It's almost time to play
For summer is on its way!

Accompanying the card are two books that I hope McKayla will enjoy reading this summer: Ivy & Bean Book 2 (I'd never heard of this series, but McKayla told me she recently read the first book and really liked it!) and Book #1 in the Boxcar Children series.

I {loved} the Boxcar Children books growing up--in fact, I distinctly remember wanting to live in a boxcar just like the kids in the story--and hope McKayla will enjoy them, too.

Bookworm J

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