Monday, July 12, 2010

Road Trip

In November 2009, Brian and his good friend, Pete, drove from Sacramento to St. Louis, Missouri in just three days.

Along the way, Brian and Pete took photos with Brian's iPhone next to nearly all of the "Welcome to..." state signs.

In this layout, I included all of the state signs photos, along with a picture of Pete in front of the infamous 26-foot Penske truck as well as a photograph taken at Arthur Bryant's, a BBQ joint in Kansas City, Missouri.

The journaling reads: In November 2009, Brian and his good buddy, Pete, drove from Sacramento to St. Louis in just 3 days. Their mission: To deliver Pete's mom's valuables to her. In all, they drove through nine states, collecting priceless memories along the way.

During their journey, Brian e-mailed photos to family and friends as well as his thoughts from the road. His thoughts were so funny, prompting me to want to create this layout to house them.

Here are a few of my favorites:

- I never thought I'd be interested in an hourly rate at a hotel. Especially when visiting with another guy.

- Driving through Utah the gps isn't broke when it doesn't show a turn for over an hour. There is nothing to go around.

- Stop at Walmart in Fernley, NV and you leave feeling better about your life.

- Getting to a hotel at 1 am two days in a row stinks. Especially knowing you have to be up at 7.

- You get a better deal getting to a hotel at 1 am. There is a day charge since you are not there before midnight that is $40 cheaper.

- Pete and I learned that thread count does matter in sheets.

- When driving through Nebraska near Ogallala, if you decide you want pizza, STOP! The next pizza joint is 58 miles away.

- Shorts are not the best choice when driving from CA to Missouri. People actually say, "You're not from around here" if you have shorts on.

- It is really cold at midnight in Nebraska. Pete can tell you.

All of these thoughts and more are neatly stowed in the pocket behind the photos on the right page.

They are a tribute to adventure and humor and friendship.


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