Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fun with Family Layout

Last weekend, I created this 2-page scrapbook layout using text and pictures from a recent blog post.

Those of you who are Stampin' Up! fans might recognize these patterned papers. I've been saving these purty papers in my paper collection for years, waiting for the perfect time to use them.

Now is as good a time as any.

I've been trying to use what I have here at home instead of running down to Jo-Ann's to buy more paper, ribbon, embellishments, etc.

Not only because it saves me money, but it also forces me to use my favorite supplies.

And seeing those beautiful red roses (I love roses!) at the top of the layout makes me smile.

Due to space limitations, I had to eliminate a few sentences from my blog post, but most of my memories are still included in the layout. I had hoped to type up the text and print it on white card stock, but the dimensions of the paper prohibited me from running it through our printer.

Even though I'm not very fond of my handwriting, I think it's good to include it once-in-a-while on a scrapbook layout.

For posterity...

And if nothing else, it proves that I know how to write in cursive, even though I print more often than not.


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