Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Through the Lens: Celebrations

We spent last weekend in celebration mode.

For one, Brian and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary.

We also celebrated McKayla's 9th birthday.

And of course, we celebrated Easter with both of our families.

For our anniversary, Brian rented an awesome lens (a Nikkor 24-70 mm f/2.8 lens) for me from BorrowLenses.com.

So, naturally, I spent as much time as possible behind the lens capturing life.

This is what I want to remember...

I want to remember eating lunch with Brian at the Buttercup Pantry in Placerville.

I want to remember this delicious french toast.

I want to remember how Brian really wanted to have a burger, but instead ordered fish and chips since it was Good Friday.

I want to remember visiting an antique store where we bought this hobnail milk glass pitcher to add to my collection.

I want to remember puttering around in Placerville's hardware store--the oldest store of its kind west of the Mississippi--and laughing about SquirrelStop, a product which spins squirrels off of bird feeders. Weee!

I want to remember these fence posts topped with all different kinds of boots.

I want to remember these yummy Jello eggs. My father-in-law is a big fan of them (which is why I make them every year), but I've also grown to love them.

I want to remember how much I enjoy decorating for the holidays.

I want to remember the joy crafting brings me.

I want to remember how much fun we have together.

I want to remember this special little girl who won't be little for much longer.

I want to remember McKayla searching for eggs in the yard (with a little help from Uncle Brian).

I want to remember watching McKayla sort her candy and money after the Easter egg hunt.

I want to remember the ongoing Peep wars.

I want to remember the laughter and the love.


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